Brampton Solar Installation

Our latest Solar installation here in Brampton (Cambridgeshire) consisted of 16 x 410w Panels 2 x 5kwh Pure Drive batteries, a 6kw Solis hybrid inverter and a backup power system.

For this type of roof we selected to use hookstops and genius flashing, these are the gold standard when it comes to longevity of installation and are essential for this type of roof tile. hockshops will prevent any future tile breakage, and the genius flashing will prevent any wind and rain getting under the tiles causing roof leakage.

Once completed this solar installation in Brampton will be providing a large percentage of the family’s electricity, in the summer they will be producing excess and will be able to sell it back to the grid, in the winter the panels will still be producing but on a cloudy day there won’t be enough available, this is where the credit built up over the summer will play a part in keeping the bills to a minimum.

As this system has 10kwh of battery attached, another benefit is that in the winter the family will be able to charge their batteries over night on cheap electricity to then bolster the solar production during the day.

This system has an estimated payback of 6-7 years although in reality its likely to be sooner due to changing habits and ability to time shift electricity.

If you are in Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire or Northamptonshire and would like solar panels and batteries please give us a call 01480 400607 and we would be happy to talk you through the options, costs and what system is likely to be best for you.

Jason Pope Owner Selec Group