Selec Solar Now Fully Operational

We started our solar journey into solar in 2022 with Jason attending the NAPIT BPEC solar training course, on returning to Cambridgeshire it then became apparent that starting up in Solar was going to be a slow process.

The technical side was a breeze, with years of experience with complex installations in Bothe the RAF and the telecoms industry (3G/4G rollouts), the tricky bit initially was the materials, this was is very short supply and the wholesalers were reluctant to take on any new customers.

After much negotiation we secured an account with one of the UK’s largest wholesalers and we were off. The next step was to extend our already extensive accreditation list to all of the important ones for the solar industry, this involve a lot of paperwork and of course money.

Our first installs started in November 2022 and have been continuing at a steady pace ever since, we are very much of the opinion that the systems should not be rushed in, time should be taken to do it right without cutting corners or impacting on safety.

We only use subcontractors for the scaffolding (they are the experts in this not us) and the rest of the installations are fitted using in house expertise. These systems are designed to be in place for a long time so they have to be fitted correctly.

Currently to date we have over 140KW of panels out there in the villages of Cambridgeshire (and one large one at Dunmow Bowls club). Being local to our installations we are able to carry on our support of the systems we have installed. We truly believe that this is essential and is unfortunately lacking if your installation has been completed by either a larger company using subcontractors or companies from outside of the area.

So now we have completed our initial systems for mainly previous customers who already know and trust us, it’s time to start sharing the solar love with people we haven’t worked with before.

If you would like us to design a system for you and quote please get in touch and your solar journey can start today.